Mike Cousins

Born in Suffolk, Mike’s background is not that of a typical heating engineer!

Following a successful career in the City of London running a division of one of the country’s leading property consultants and responsible for the project management of the relocation of numerous large organisations, he ‘dropped out’ of corporate life in 2001 and moved to France with his young family in search of a much simpler life.

Cravings for fish and chips and Adnams beer found them a year later back in the UK and following his love of ‘fixing things’, Mike set up his current business in the early ‘naughties’.

Now with an established and ever growing customer base, Mike provides a personal service maintaining and improving heating systems in rural Suffolk and Norfolk.


With the majority of ‘off grid’ heating systems being oil fired, Mike has specialised in the maintenance and repair of these systems and the application of modern control systems to constantly improve on efficiency and user convenience.

Boiler servicing and breakdowns tend to represent the majority of jobs during the winter months with new boiler installations and system modifications usually taking place in the quieter summer period.

Increasingly new technologies in the heating industry are growing in popularity and, if correctly matched to system and customer requirements, can lead to considerable savings in the cost of heating homes.
The installation of these systems are becoming an ever growing part of the service offered by Mike.

To fully complement the service Mike offers to his clients, oil tank replacement, solar thermal installation and maintenance and general plumbing services are also available.

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